Hot Speaking Tip 33: Is it that serious?

Is it that serious?

  • Take a look close at one important thing: Some people tend to take certain things a little bit too serious. It’s not life or death but it’s a profession or it’s a skill that we’re looking to craft on a day by day basis. So, it’s not anything that should call a life or death matter /concern but it’s something that you can practice, something that you can become better. You can definitely see some changes inside of what it is that you do as a professional speaker.
  • Take note or take a time to know your craft and shape it. Take time out of your busy schedule on a day by day basis and do what you do best.
  • Work at your craft, shape up and make some revisions to the speech that you have.
  • Just note that Public Speaking is not a matter of life or death.
  • Learn to relax when you’re speaking in front of a crowd.
  • When you miss out on something that you have on your notes, just remember that no one except you really knows all of what’s in your presentation. People may not know that you miss some parts. Don’t beat yourself up so bad about missing a line or something like that.
  • Aside from that, no one is going to shout at you if you miss an image, for example, in your visual aid.
  • It’s important that you get familiar with “impromptu” speaking or SPEAK ON THE SPOT.
  • If you get a line, you can do impromptu speaking because you are so familiar with your message and you spent time rehearsing or at least going over your topic that you can continue on with your message even though you missed a line or two.
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Hot Speaking Tip 32: Don’t Down Yourself

Hot Speaking Tip 32: Don’t Down Yourself • Don’t put yourself down. There are people that don’t have a positive outlook or are not optimistic in their ability to speak. If they make mistakes, they take it hard. Understand that “Don’t be too hard on yourself”, if you feel that you have not given your presentation 100% effort, don’t be too hard on yourself. • Always remember, you can always make some adjustments on your upcoming presentations. You’ll gonna be doing many more presentations especially if you decide to go out there and be a fulltime speaker, you’ll gonna be doing more of this. • So, don’t put yourself down. You’ll gonna be able have room to improve. Don’t beat yourself up if you have not done as great as you do for a presentation. • Aside from that, it is not necessarily mean that the audience didn’t enjoy your speech. Even if you thought that you’re was not good, the audience thought that you blew it out of the park. • Remember, you’ve done your best and as long as you gave it your all, there’s always a time and room to improve. Keep your head up, cheer up and there’s gonna be MORE GREAT OPPORTUNITIES to come.
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Hot Speaking Tip 31: Bring Some Notes

Bring Some Notes:

  • Why Might I need to bring notes? You never know you might want to jot down something really important and elaborate on something that’s really very important, bringing notes is definitely effective.
  • For example, if you’re doing a public speaking, it is necessary to have some notes in front of you. In order to have something as your guide, as far as following a certain flow in your speech, thus, you should prepare them beforehand. Make a note small, but highlight some words.
  • Most important part is that “Don’t make it too obvious” for those who are participating or for those gonna be a part of your audience.
  • Always be prepared and have some notes at hand because it can definitely help you as you move forward in your speaking career.
  • Notes can be a small index card, or if you are giving a virtual presentation, write at the bottom of your powerpoint (there’s a section for the notes in your powerpoint presentation). Use that for yourself as a guide to move along.
  • Don’t look at your index card or notes the whole time looking down and not at your audience. You definitely want to give eye contact to your audience or members.
  • But definitely, makes notes small. Highlight the most important things or words so that you can see them easily by just glimpsing at it.
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Hot Speaking Tip 30: Give the Audience…

play audio Hot Speaking Tip 30: Give the Audience...
Lakeisha provides you with another great tip to enhance your skills as a professional speaker. She continues in the 100 Thursdays campaign, a spinoff of the successful launch of the book “Professional Speaking,” available on Amazon.
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Be Always Ready

play audio Be Always Ready
In this podcast, Lakeisha McKnight speaks about how to anticipate and be always ready to deliver a great speech.
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